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Jamie's extensive knowledge and experience in the field of Aromatherapy
caught the eye of a local news journalist/broadcaster in 1994 who, while doing a
special news story on Akin's Health Food Store and the extensive Aromatherapy
section they had (which was the most extensive for a health food store at that time),
learned through the Akin's Health Food Store manager that Jamie was responsible
for growing their Aromatherapy section to such successfully high levels, which in
turn resulted in Jamie being the feature story on News 6 Tulsa for a separate
special news health segment on Aromatherapy and Holistic Health.

Also, Jamie was the first person to teach a required Aromatherapy course at a 
Cosmetology College in Oklahoma.

Additionally, Jamie taught an in-depth Aromatherapy class to the staff and owner
of a licensed Aveda salon and was told by Aveda Representatives who were present
that they learned and understood more from Jamie's one day class than they did in
their entire Aveda training.  Both specific training references were over 20 years ago,
when Aromatherapy was not a common health or household term, before hardly
anyone in the Midwest knew what Aromatherapy was, and before Aromatherapy
could be found in just about everything from outlet plugins and diffusers, toilet paper 
dispensers, laundry items, air fresheners, hand & body soap, and a ton of other products.

Also noteworthy, Jamie was the first person to be offered an opportunity to teach an Aromatherapy course at Tulsa Technology Center.


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