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To make a difference in the world by providing phenomenal breakthrough experiences together 
and by providing resolution at the very deepest levels
so one may move through life more freely and easily!


As a Life-Coach, NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, and Master Healer, Jamie provides breakthrough healing strategies at the very deepest levels so one can move through
life more freely and easily™ and may achieve the following:

  • Resolve mental, emotional, and/or physical issues or traumas
  • Release feeling stuck, trapped, anxiety, fear, confusion, etc
  • Remove unwanted or sabotaging thoughts, emotions, habits, etc

Common areas of service
include but are not limited to:
- Trauma
- Abuse
- Sexual Assault/Rape
- Human Trafficking Recovery
- Addiction
- Phobias
- Confidence/Worth
- Achievement/Goals
- Decipher/Clarify 
- More

Clients have experienced rapid results eliminating or reducing a
wide-range of matters and report feeling safe, even when working
on severe trauma related matters.

Jamie's approach is holistic in nature and specifically customized
to each individual

Strategies are based on highly effective neurosciences, advanced
psychotherapy, and mind-body sciences

Western and Native American approaches are available.

Board Certifications:
* Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner (BCNLPP)
* Hypnotherapist (CHt)
* NLP Life-Coaching 

Additional related certifications for the following but are not limited to:
* Behavioral Therapist
* International Registered Natural Healer
* Reiki Master/Teacher (RM/T); (Usui plus three additional applications)
* Massage Therapy -- RETIRED AS OF 2015
* Neuro-Muscular Therapy (NMT) -- RETIRED AS OF 2015
* Certified in and Licensed to provide Massage Therapy (LMT) -- RETIRED AS OF 2015

Mind-Body Healing Services
(the following is not all-inclusive):

* Neuro-Linguistic Breakthrough & Healing Strategies
* Hypnotherapy
* Life-Coaching
* Mind-Body Balance/Realignment
* Native American Shamanistic approaches
* Vibrational/Energy Medicine
* Chakra Balance
* Therapeutic/Medicinal Aromatherapy
* Consultation/Guidance through Intuitive Wisdom & Energy Reading
* Nutritional Consultation
* Overall Holistic Consultation
* Training


Services are by appointment:

- Skype
- Phone
- In person

Reclaim your holistic health today!

For questions or to make an appointment ---  contact Jamie now.


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