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NLP / Psychology / Criminal Justice
Education & Training

Northeastern State University
Tahlequah, Oklahoma

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)2015

Psychology major/Criminal Justice minor

Institution GPA (NSU only):  3.852 on a 4.00 GPA scale
Overall GPA (Associate's Degree/TCC & NSU):  3.822 on a 4.00 GPA scale

*summa cum laude* --- with highest honors

  • Psi Chi International Honor Society of Psychology
    Lifetime membership awarded 2014
  • Rho Theta Sigma Honor Society of NSU
    Lifetime membership awarded 2014
  • Pi Gamma Mu International Honor Society of Social Sciences
    Lifetime membership awarded 2013
  • Phi Theta Kappa/Alpha Zeta Alpha International Honor Society
    Lifetime membership awarded 2010

Focus: Abnormal Psychology; History & Systems of Psychology; Theories of Learning; Psychology of Personality; Psychological Statistics; Experimental Psychology w/Lab; Physiological Psychology (Neuropsychology); Psychology of Human Sexuality; Counseling; Grief & Loss; Mental Illness & Movies; Love & Work; Child Guidance; Trauma Informed Care; Child Maltreatment; Sexism & Violence Against Women; Domestic/Family Violence; Sex Offenders Treatment; Criminal Investigation; Law & American Courts; Crime Prevention; Emergency & Disaster Planning (FEMA Certification).


Tulsa Community College
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Associate of Liberal Arts (A.A.); 2012 

Psychology major

Institution GPA: 3.79 on a 4.00 GPA scale

*magna cum laude* --- with honors

  • Phi Theta Kappa/Alpha Zeta Alpha International Honor Society
    Lifetime membership awarded 2010
Focus: Intro to Psychology; Counseling; Human Sexuality; Life Span Development from Psychology Perspective; Life Span Development from Social Work Perspective; Crisis Intervention; Intro to Criminal Justice; Crime Scene Investigation (CSI); Criminal Evidence; Biological Psychology (Neuropsychology); Intro to Sociology; Intro to Social Work; Case Management; Philosophy; Humanities; Nutrition; College Algebra; core subjects.

NLP Skills Institute
Sedona, Arizona
Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) education & training
Field of Neuroscience and Psychotherapy

  • Neuro-Linguistic Professional Practitioner (NLPP); 2004

  • Board Certified through American Board of
    Neuro-Linguistic Programming (ABNLP)

Focus: Anchoring patterns; Presuppositions of NLP; Logical levels, Well-formedness conditions; NLP negotiation model; Eye accessing; Basic metaprograms; Values elicitation; NLP meeting format; Precision model, Strategies; Reframing; Time-line; Belief change; Rapport skills; Submodalities; Phobias; 6-step reframe model; Pacing and leading; Outcome formation; Ericksonian language; Counseling syntax; Metaphor construction; Hypnotic induction.


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