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Energy/Vibrational Medicine

Since 1996, Jamie has been a
Reiki Master/Teacher.   Reiki is a form
of Vibrational/Energy Medicine which
facilitates healing at the cellular and
metaphysical levels (i.e. meta = beyond,
and physical.  Combined, metaphysical means "beyond the physical").  

At the metaphysical level (beyond just these physical and visible
levels) everything is energy.  Quantum Physics, scientific experiments, as well as
thousands of years of ancient wisdom and techniques from around the world have
experienced and/or shown evidence of the phenomenal healing effects created 
by working with (manipulating) energy to promote or facilitate deeply rooted healing
on any or all levels (i.e., the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual/energetic).

Jamie may use the following Reiki modalities in conjunction with bodywork
breakthrough strategies, life-coaching, hypnotherapy, and/or psychotherapy techniques 
or as a stand-alone therapy:

- Usui Reiki I, I, III
- Karmic Reiki
- Elemental Reiki
- Kundalini Reiki

Reiki is used by people of all walks of life and all professions,
including but not limited to the following:

- ER Surgeons and Nurses
       Especially Cardiologists, but ALL kinds of doctors

- Nurses and other health care professionals 
In fact, an entire organization is dedicated to 
holistic nurses called the Holistic Nurses Association 

Also, Reiki is available as continuing education 
credit (C.E.U.) classes in the medical profession

- Paramedics/EMTs

- Bodyworkers

- Sports Medicine Therapists/Technicians

- Nutritionists

- Musicians

- Athletes
- Artists

- and many MORE

Additionally, Jamie has had countless cases over the years that produced
amazing results, even medically unexplainable and miraculous results,
using Reiki and/or other Energy Medicine. 

Reiki truly is an amazing science; its application is an Art.

Additionally, Jamie provides Polarity Therapy to balance chakras and energy
fields which may be facilitated using Reiki, other Vibrational Medicine techniques, 
Aromatherapy, and/or Native American Shamanistic techniques.  

When the chakras are aligned, all systems function more effectively which
facilitates whole mind-body wellness.  Jamie calls this Quantum Healing and  
the result as being in a quantum state.


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