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Mind-Body Medicine & Quantum Bodywork

For over 20 years, Jamie has provided education, consultation
and/or services for groups and individuals in the following areas:

- Energetic/Vibrational Medicine  
       (including traditional Japanese Usui and other Reiki modalities)

- Chakra Balance Therapies

- Intuitive Wisdom Guidance  
- Shamanistic Healing Strategies

- Holistic Health & Nutritional Consultation

- Aromatherapy Products & Services, Consultation, and Certification

- Somatic Mind-Body work 
 (non-traumatic, no force, no manipulation)

- Structural Re-alignment Bodywork
       (non-traumatic, no force, no manipulation)

- Neuro-Muscular Therapy
       (non-traumatic, no force, no manipulation...however, is NOT 
        fluff 'n buff, "Spa massage")  


Jamie is a Reiki Master/Teacher and has provided phenomenal somatic, vibrational,
and other master healing experiences for over 20 years.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
That said, she has retired from the structural re-alignment side of bodywork at 
this time.

For more information regarding the above mentioned holistic and mind-body 
healing techniques and strategies, please feel free to click the link below or 
use the links at the left side panel:

- Quantum Bodywork (quick link to Quantum Bodywork page) 

Bodywork Education | City of Tulsa

In addition to providing Bodywork services, education, and consultation
over the years, Jamie has had the honor and pleasure of teaching the 
very important and required course "Contraindications of Massage"
through the City of Tulsa for bodywork/massage licensee applicants
(on contract through Paula Gladd Moore dba Medissage Associates). 



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