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Quantum Bodywork  |  Quantum Healing

For over 20 years, Jamie has facilitated 
Quantum Healing through Quantum Bodywork. 

Jamie is a Reiki Master/Teacher and has provided phenomenal healing experiences for 
over 20 years by providing somatic, vibrational,
and other master healing experiences.

That said, it is important to note, that although Jamie may provide mind-body medicine,
she has retired from the structural re-alignment bodyworat this time.

With Quantum Bodywork, Jamie uses a variety of individualized, holistic, systematic, master healing modalities which may include but are not limited to the following:

- Energetic/Vibrational Medicine  
       (including traditional Japanese Usui and other Reiki modalities) 

- Chakra Balance Therapies

- Intuitive Wisdom Guidance  
- Shamanistic Healing Strategies

- Holistic Health & Nutritional Consultation

- Aromatherapy Products & Services, Consultation, and Certification

- Somatic Mind-Body work 
 (non-traumatic, no force, no manipulation)

Quantum Bodywork  |  Jamie's Approach

Jamie's bodywork approach has always been:

- Holistic in nature;
- Scientifically-backed;
- Systematic/Methodical; and
- Intuitive.

Quantum Health

Jamie's customized bodywork facilitates relaxation and alignment
within all dimensions of being (i.e. body, mind, spirit/heart/energy levels)
which contributes to wellness of the whole being (i.e. Quantum Health).  

The somatic alignment within all dimensions of being is explained in
more detail (but not exclusively) below:

The muscles and nerves.

The posture and bones.

A person's thought patterns and internal programs (aka tapes, self-talk,
core belief systems, etc).

A person's ideas or thoughts about particular events.  If a matter pertaining
to an event is not in alignment with one's core belief system, it will cause
internal stress (internal conflict, confusion, dissociation, upset, etc).

Depending on the individual, these matters may surface during a healing
session. If that occurs, Jamie works with the client to understand the root
issue and clear any blockages.

These mean the subtle body (aka the 'energy body') which directly correlates
with person's emotional self or being (this is one's heart center or spirit).  

Please note: the spiritual being has nothing to do with religion or 
whether a person believes in god or not.  Religious is not the same
thing as spiritual.  These are two completely different matters.

Spirit is energy (or vibration).  At the most basic level (the quantum-level),
literally every thing in the universe is energy (humans, animals, plants,
wood, steel, concrete, air, water, cells, etc).  At the quantum level, literally
every thing boils down to molecules and atoms, which are energy.  No matter
what it is, it is energy and has a vibration.

Energy medicine works at the vibrational level. Because energy transcends
time and space, energy can move through walls, concrete, steel, wood, etc.
It can go anywhere.  Energy medicine (vibration) penetrates down to the
cellular level and can travel from one point in the universe to another point
anywhere in the universe.  Because energy transcends time and space, it 
can travel through the past, present, or future.  Therefore, a person or matter
can receive energy/vibrational medicine no matter where it/he/she is in the
universe.  That means, Jamie can use energy/vibrational medicine on a
person or matter either in-person or remotely (from a distance).

Regarding individual healing.  Every event (aka experience) creates a cellular
map (aka energy field or energy map).  Matters that are out of alignment with
any aspect of our multi-dimensional selves will manifest in a variety of ways
in our mind, body, or spirit (aka energy or subtle body). 

If unresolved matters surface during a healing session, it happens because
the  mind, body, and/or spirit feels safe and is ready to process and release
the matter.  If this occurs during a healing session, Jamie works with you
and will use appropriate healing strategies to identify the core issue(s) and
release any blockages which may exist.

Appropriate Behavior  |  Proper Code of Conduct

Sexual advances will NOT be tolerated. 

Sexual harassment, inappropriate comments or behavior, or misconduct will 
result in immediate termination of services (with full payment immediately due 
for the full time booked).  

If necessary, the police will be called and charges will be filed.


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